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The traditional Inside Sales model is morphing into a new entity that bridges the Sales and Marketing relationship. This new Sales Development Rep (SDR) or Sales Qualification Expert (SQE) qualifies prospects through engaged discovery and converts them into Sales Qualified Leads (SQL) which shortens the sales cycle and enables enterprise sales reps to be more effective in their close rates. These types of new roles are growing 15 times faster than traditional field sales. This is driven by today’s social, mobile and Internet savvy buyer who is more comfortable with online interactions. It’s also supported by the availability of a growing number of sales enablement and inbound marketing tools. To develop this new team, you can’t use your old telesales job descriptions. These are a new hybrid, combining Sales and Marketing skill sets. Oinkodomeo will help you build an effective Sales Development team: create a job description for sales development role, recruit/screen, and train in Common Sense Selling and Social Selling techniques to connect with senior decision makers via LinkedIn during the buyer’s decision process. This improves the sales acceptance of Sales Qualified Leads (SQL), reduces incidence of blind RFPs, dramatically shortens sales, and lowers cost of sales.


Our Posts on Inside Sales

  • How Cold Calling Scripts Are Like Salsa (7/28/2021) - Among the AA-ISP members we often discuss topics around cold calling scripts for inside sales, or digital sales professionals as we now like to call them. Since I live in Southern California and am a dedicated foodie, my analogy instantly went to food. Sales cold calling scripts are like salsa! Cold call scripts are dead, […]
  • I Stumbled Upon Your LinkedIn Profile (1/1/2019) - Aak! “I stumbled upon your profile, so I wanted to reach out and connect.” How many of you are getting these types of LinkedIn invites? Some clever “LinkedIn Guru” must have included that gem in their master class recently because it’s become the invitation du jour. Now, if you are searching for prospects just like […]
  • Social Selling 2019: How relevant is the LinkedIn SSI score for sales? (12/22/2018) - I hear quite a bit of grumbling these days from my sales coach colleagues about the dreaded LinkedIn “Pitch and Pounce” (thanks Mike Kunkle for that memorable term!).  What’s driving this trend we wonder? I certainly hope this isn’t an approach that’s being taught by sales or social selling or so-called “LinkedIn experts” because it […]
  • The Myth of Hiring a Trained Sales Rep (7/22/2017) - At a recent AA-ISP panel discussion among highly experienced, rock star sales reps, what was the top requirement that they had after a strong culture?  Training.  Yep.  The already successful, “trained” sales reps want more TRAINING.  Each of them wanted a couple of weeks to learn the product and a playbook to work from. And […]
  • How to Hire an Inside Sales Team in San Diego (12/26/2016) - Whether you are just starting a business or taking your business growth to the next stage, an inside sales team can be your most valuable resource.  But before you set up your inside sales team in San Diego, whether you are based here or decided it gives you a good outpost on the west coast […]
  • Should Inside Sales Report to Marketing or Sales? (8/9/2016) - To look at this question, should inside sales report to marketing or sales, a bit more closely, let’s ask it differently. Is the ISR / SDR better aligned with marketing or with sales? According to Bridge Group, in 2014 24% of SDRs reported to marketing  and this number has been increasing among both large and small companies […]
  • 6 Takeaways from AA-ISP Inside Sales Leadership Summit (4/23/2016) - The AA-ISP Inside Sales Leadership Summit is in its seventh year, bringing together over one thousand individuals dedicated to the inside sales profession.  The two and a half day event is chock full of sessions dedicated to this growing field. There are so many options that it’s impossible to attend them all. Here are some of my […]
  • Book Review: The Sales Development Playbook (2/22/2016) - Whether you call it inside sales, business development, or sales development, this is a critical role for revenue growth. Released just last month, I highly recommend anyone in leadership for sales or inside sales read The Sales Development Playbook by Trish Bertuzzi. Specifically, the book is written for: Executives and Executive Sponsors VPs of Sales Sales […]
  • Fractional Inside Sales Manager (2/20/2016) - Let Oinkodomeo be your interim or fractional inside sales manager to develop, coach and grow your B2B Inside Sales team into a quota crushing powerhouse. Experienced in inside sales team development, our experts will dedicate time both virtually and onsite one-on-one each week keeping your team of one to five reps on track and hitting their […]
  • Building an Inside Sales Team with Oinkodomeo and Premierehire (2/9/2016) - We have partnered with Premierehire to help companies who are thinking about building an Inside Sales team in order to drive revenue. We’ll help you figure out where to start and design the right customer-focused processes for your company. Our services have been developed to ensure that your team is properly trained and armed with the right tools to […]
  • Guide to Building an Inside Sales Team (12/5/2015) - Sales is changing forever because the buyer has changed.  Buyers are more informed and more comfortable with digital engagement as they do more research and buy more products online, and this has extended to their business lives as well. What this means for sales is that there is a new inside sales role emerging that […]
  • Cold Calling Lists is a Waste of Time (12/5/2015) - An Account-focused Approach Cold calling a purchased list of contacts should no longer be the focus of your sales strategy. Yet it’s amazing how often I get asked, “Isn’t there a list I can buy?” Reps calling cold lists with a canned pitch will have very low rates of success.  Even if you pair that […]
  • Inside Sales, Uncloak Yourselves! (5/12/2015) - I didn’t really want to write this rant about inside sales.  So I’ll do my best to treat it as the output of analytical research. Really, I’ll try. But I warn you, it may be a rant. I have been researching heads of inside sales to invite to be on my AA-ISP panel in San […]
  • Social Media Remakes the Sales Funnel (2/20/2015) - Over 5 years ago, the McKinsey group blew up the traditional sales funnel. Pointing to recent innovations in social communication tools and other resource sharing assets (many of which have grown much more prominent since McKinsey wrote their report) McKinsey posed the concept of a Consumer Decision Journey which was a cycle, not a funnel, […]
  • Solution Selling Gets a Makeover (10/10/2014) - There has been much discussion about Solution Selling (a sales process developed in 1975 and last updated in 2003). Many pundits including Harvard Business Review have declared Solution Selling to be “dead”. Personally, I always felt that the core concept of addressing a client’s pain using a consultative approach was a valid one; and while […]
  • Inside Sales is Dead (5/7/2014) - Inside Sales is morphing into a new entity that bridges the sales and marketing relationship.  This new Sales Qualification Expert qualifies prospects through engaged discovery and converts them into Sales Qualified Leads which shortens the sales cycle and enables your enterprise sales reps to be more effective in their close rates.
  • Building a Sales 2.0 Foundation (3/8/2013) - At Oinkodomeo, the key to our approach is a buyer-focused Sales 2.0 strategy formed jointly by sales and marketing that leverages new thinking and methodologies applied to your people, process and technology. Sales 1.0 is dead. The new always-connected, knowledge-rich world means your buyers are better prepared than your sales team is. In future blog […]