Inside Sales, Uncloak Yourselves!

I didn’t really want to write this rant about inside sales.  So I’ll do my best to treat it as the output of analytical research.

Really, I’ll try. But I warn you, it may be a rant. I have been researching heads of inside sales to invite to be on my AA-ISP panel in San Diego.  You’d think that would be like hunting fish in a barrel, right?  Just put in the parameters on LinkedIn and Bingo! A whole list of candidates! Um, no.

Why am I finding alleged inside sales managers who have 177 connections, 277 connections, or the worst yet, 12 connections?  Really?! I can’t even prove they are real people! I thought inside sales was the cutting edge of research and all things connected to understanding the buyers journey. I thought these would be the people on the forefront.  In the know! Displaying all the best practices! Using LinkedIn to it’s full advantage in engaging with the buyer while they are doing their research.

Ok, you say, they are anonymously tracking their prospects for “competitive” reasons.  Um.  What if their prospects want to find out more about THEM?  What if they’d like to find an authentic, knowledgeable person to help them with their challenges? Not finding it here.

Inside sales leaders!  If you are reading this, PLEASE replace your anonymous head with a real person and start letting your prospects engage with you!