About Oinkodomeo

Founded in 2013 by Kathleen Glass, Oinkodomeo is a virtual B2B Sales and Marketing Digital Agency for technology, SaaS, and services companies in cybersecurity, privacy, IoT, drones and AI. No fancy offices, no overhead, more than just another agency. We focus on building a foundation for successful, customer-centric sales and marketing.

People often tell us that that their B2B sales and marketing teams will get along “when pigs fly”, hence the “oink” in the name. Companies struggle with aligning sales and marketing people, processes and technology to interest, engage, and convert prospects, turning them into loyal customers. Today, that connection is more important than ever. Working remote, using new tools, striving to pivot from programs you relied on for years. 

And your needs change as your company grows. Early stage sales and marketing teams can’t agree on who the buyer is.  In companies of all sizes, sales lacks the content they need at each stage of the pipeline.  They need more digital and social tools than ever. Marketing was already lagging in keeping up with new digital practices and now it’s imperative they catch up quickly.  Distributed, newly remote inside sales can’t grow because they don’t have scalable, repeatable processes and playbooks to help train and reinforce best practices. 

What makes us difference:

  • Twenty years selling into numerous emerging markets — bringing the depth of learning and hard knocks that come with that
  • Knowing how to market and sell new technology and services
  • Understanding the technical buyer
  • A technical marketing mindset gained from early immersion in digital marketing toolsets starting with CRMs, Marketing Automation, and Sale Automation tools
  • Using social media for marketing as well as sales
  • Combining Traditional and Digital PR
  • Over a decade of IT analyst relations experience
  • A scalable, flexible, US-based virtual team model that keeps overhead low and lets us offer the right mix for each customer’s needs

Roots in Tech

Kathleen’s love of new technology was born in the Apple Lab in Cupertino in 1984.  Apple opened the first Basic computer programming class at De Anza College on Stevens Creek Blvd., the heart of the emerging Silicon Valley. As soon as Kathleen arrived in San Diego, one of her first jobs was in the brand new telecom industry as the battle between CDMA and CDPD raged and they experimented with the first smart phone designs.  From telecom and analytics in the 90’s, Kathleen went on to managed services and SaaS in the early 00’s, to IoT, M2M, cybersecurity,  drones and robotics most recently.  The Oinkodomeo team understands the IT buyer and the non-technical buyer, from early adopter to later majority, and what changes in their buying criteria over time as markets mature.

US-based Virtual Agency

With our virtual agency model, we bring together the right team from the selection of experts we’ve worked with over the past 20 years, putting the perfect team together for your company, budget, and needs, for long and short-term projects. We’ve seen a lot of changes. We know how to keep up and evolve. 



As CEO of Oinkodomeo, Kathleen brings her B2B sales and marketing expertise to service and technology companies looking to scale their businesses by effectively connecting their sales and marketing programs. 

Kathleen has worked with well-known San Diego companies such as DriveCam (now Lytx), ProfitLine (now Tangoe), analytics powerhouse HNC Software (now FICO) and Pacific Communication Sciences (PCSI), an early pioneer in digital voice technology and wireless chipsets. A graduate of UCSD in Economics, currently Kathleen serves as a CONNECT Springboard Marketing EIR, former co-chair San Diego IAPP KnowledgeNet 2020—2021, is a member of the leadership team for the San Diego AA-ISP Chapter for Inside Sales as well as a member of the national board. Kathleen also serves on the CompTIA IoT Advisory Board.

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Chief Marketing Technologist

Steve is Oinkodomeo’s MarTech Specialist.  With roots in software engineering, Steve knows how to “speak geek” which he uses to bring together marketing and IT stakeholders to ensure successful marketing technology engagements. With deep integrated marketing experience, Steve takes a customer-centric approach to projects that include mobile-responsive websites, WordPress blogs, and CRM implementations.

Steve works closely with his clients to shape messaging and value propositions for an optimal online media presence. Steve believes in empowering his customers with tools that help them take charge of their online marketing without having to rely heavily on third-party support.

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