Content Development

Rich, relevant content is at the heart of an integrated sales and marketing approach. We establish sustainable programs that adapt to changing markets and produce timely, tailored content that speaks to target personas at all stages of the Buyer’s Journey.  The steps in our approach are:

  • Working from focused research, identify specific buyer personas that represent the target market
  • Strategize and produce a comprehensive content marketing program to include corporate branded works, traditional promotional materials, inbound marketing and outbound marketing
  • Restructure websites and other online properties to promote better usability, SEO and conversion rates
  • Review and upgrade company and personnel LinkedIn and Twitter profiles
  • Engage and train third-party content producers to provide a steady content stream into the marketing mix for use in inbound marketing campaigns
  • Where appropriate, install and provision third-party tools for cataloging and disseminating sales enablement content and social selling content to Sales

We combine best practices in content production with the latest in Sales Enablement and MarTech solutions to make content relevant and available to the people who need it.

  • Customer Facing Content: case stories, references, sales decks, fact sheets, value justification and calculation tools, and persona-focused content, tailored for the different phases of the buyer’s journey and buyer roles
  • Sales Enablement Content: playbooks, messaging guidelines, portfolio guides, checklists, guided selling scripts, account plans or proposal templates, win/loss analyses, and battle cards

Our Posts on Content Development

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