Getting your blog ready for Social Selling; tuning the blog

This is the third installment in our series on getting your WordPress blog ready for Social Selling. 

Now that you have your new blog, it’s time for some refinements to make it ready to support your new Social approach to selling. Here are some tips you can use today:

  • Publish relevant content frequently—you may need professional help with this. We recommend current, quality content above all eles, it should be the number one item on your project budget if you need help delivering content.
  • Share your posts—You can use any one of a number of plugins (ShareThis is a popular one for WordPress) to install share buttons on the bottom of each of your posts. These plugins are easy to install, but they typically need a bit of configuring, and you’ll need an active account for whichever network you are sharing to (LinkedIn, When you post, share the new post on LinkedIn yourself, so that the post title and excerpt goes into your LinkedIn feed.
  • Setup newsletter signup—Sign up for a mail service like MailChimp and use their form generator to generate form code for your blog. You can port your new subscribers into a list and configure MailChimp to send them an email copy of your blog articles each time you post.
  • SEO Plugin—A good SEO plugin can help you produce a more optimized piece, which may help your organic search results. We generally recommend the SEO Plugin by Yoast.
  • Consider creating several category pages, which only display posts in one category. Categories can be anything relevant such as Events, Awards, news coverage, or topics relevant to your market(s). Then when you have an opportunity to publicize your blog in a particular area of your market, you can use the URL to a category page, so your Visitors see ALL of the content you have produced on that subject. This is a powerful way to gain market credibility (but you need rather a lot of content, see our first bullet).

There are other things you can do, some of which may require help from a Developer. These are a very good start, with diligence you can make them work and start to build your social presence.