Sales and MarTech

Sales and Marketing have to move fast to keep up with today’s buyer. However, too often, new marketing or sales tools are purchased without a clear objective in mind, or is selected without both sales and marketing’s input. That’s understandable with more than 5,000 sales and marketing tools to choose from today!  

This trend is driven in a large part by the fact that B2B marketing is now a lot more like B2C due to buyer expectations.  They want to buy enterprise software like they buy jeans and they expect their B2B marketers to personalize the engagement at that level. 

B2B firms are finding new and innovative ways to generate deeper, and more insightful, customer insight. [Forbes]

And Inside Sales teams are looking for more ways to increase efficiency, be more productive with their time, and automate the repetitive parts of their day. And today’s buyer is demanding more personalized attention to have a 360 view of the buyer is essential which means a connected online experience. But with so many options to choose from, we find clients get stuck finding, selecting, and implementing the right sales and marketing technology stacks. 

Our technology experts can help you do a full needs assessment, bringing together stakeholders to ensure you find the right solution for your needs.  

CRM implementations languish, marketing automation goes unused. Systems are purchased then operated in silos. Helping to cut through the noise, our MarTech and SalesTech services put your tools through a thorough requirements assessment and are then implemented and utilized effectively to insure ROI.

  • Website Planning and Development: Best practices for B2B WordPress sites – mobile-friendly and mobile responsive design, visitor experience UX, content optimization, e-commerce, blog integration
  • CRM and Marketing Automation: Experience with leading CRM and Marketing Automation systems. HubSpot Design Certified.
  • Technology for Sales and Marketing: Up-to-date knowledge of the latest marketing technology, sales enablement and content automation solutions
  • Requirements: RFP development and project management

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