Sales Enablement

76% of content marketers are forgetting sales enablement.   [Source: Hubspot]

We provide sales enablement services that include the processes, content and training that will help your sales team reach peak performance. We’ll work with you to create a messaging map that’s overlaid with the buyer’s journey, then create the appropriate sales and marketing content.

With evolving buyer behaviors and rising buyer expectations, every sales leader faces enablement challenges [Tamara Schenk, CSO Insights]

  • Sales Enablement Tools: playbooks, messaging guidelines, portfolio guides, checklists, guided selling scripts, account plans or proposal templates, win/loss analyses, and battle cards
  • Pricing Tools: pricing and ROI calculators to support informed conversations with prospects and customers
  • Sales Enablement Technology: There is a dizzying array of sales tech out there today.  And according to an AA-ISP Survey in 2017, a high-growth sales team is using an average of 10 tools! We’ll help you figure out the right ones for you and how to get them to play nicely together, and get your team up and running. 
  • Enablement Solution Implementation: Got a new sales enablement platform and need help cataloging and reviewing all of your existing content? Discovered your sales content is missing? Or perhaps worse, was last updated in 1995? Give us a call and we’ll help get your project focused so you can get a faster ROI from your new solution.

Find out where you are on the Sales Enablement Journey. Download our Sales Enablement Maturity Model Guide.

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