A Message Map is the foundation for all prospect and customer communications and serves as a guide for the development of targeted programs and content marketing. It is an essential blueprint for sales enablement and all communications efforts, from website content, to collateral, and any other communications vehicle. The Branding & Messaging Workshop brings together key stakeholders (sales, communications, corporate marketing, product development, executive leadership) to define buyer personas, identify their mindset, perceptions, expectations, and map their pain, buying and decision criteria. Includes understanding what they read, who they are influenced by and “where they hang out” both online and live. Outcome is the elevator speech, supporting messages, identification of key case studies. Can also include a competitive analysis.

Our Message Mapping Workshop is a full day with all of the key stakeholders.

Our Posts on Branding

  • Building a Cool Drone Will Not Make You a Market Leader (11/17/2019) - My centre is giving way, my right is retreating, situation excellent, I am attacking —Marshal Ferdinand Foch You make a nice UAV, and you wanna compete with DJI? By recent estimates they hold almost 75% of the US market. That’s a big number in any market. How did they get there? Mainly through excellent product […]
  • How to Moderate a Panel that Doesn’t Suck (6/26/2017) - Recently, I read a post on LinkedIn that declared all panels suck.  The poster had been at a conference and came away with this viewpoint.  However, it doesn’t have to be that way.  When set up right, panel presentations can be a lively and engaging way to get a lot of information out from different […]
  • How to Get Customers to Participate in Case Studies (12/3/2015) - Case studies are among your best and highest value content, serving as useful lead gen tools, for education at the beginning of the sales cycle, and again are critical at the final validation stages of the sales cycle.  Yet getting client buy in can be very challenging for the vendor.  Here are our recommendations on […]
  • LinkedIn Connections, Contacts, and Followers, Oh My! (7/26/2015) - A number of people have asked me, “What is the difference between LinkedIn Connections and Followers?” Such an interesting question! But first, I have to add Contacts into the mix, just to make it more complicated. Here it is, broken down based on how LinkedIn is approaching it currently. And as I always say, it’s […]
  • Getting your blog ready for Social Selling; selecting a theme (11/26/2014) - This is the second in our three part series on getting your blog ready for social selling.  All of the large CMS-type systems support some sort of theme, or “skin”. Our examples for this series are all centered on WordPress, but most of what we say here will apply in some way to the others. […]
  • Getting your blog ready for Social Selling; tuning the blog (11/26/2014) - This is the third installment in our series on getting your WordPress blog ready for Social Selling.  Now that you have your new blog, it’s time for some refinements to make it ready to support your new Social approach to selling. Here are some tips you can use today: Publish relevant content frequently—you may need […]
  • Challenge Your Prospects (8/20/2013) - Pop Quiz.  Which is the best type sales person:  the hard worker, the problem solver, the challenger, the relationship builder, or the lone wolf?  What CEB concluded from analyzing 6,000 sales people, is the Challenger outperforms the rest.  If you are finding that sales are starting to stall and the relationships aren’t turning into revenues, […]