Inside Sales

Inside Sales brings together aspects of both Sales and Marketing. The new Sales Development Rep (SDR) or Business Development Rep (BDR) qualifies prospects through engaged, targeted discovery and converts them from Marketing Qualified Leads (MQL) into Sales Qualified Leads (SQL) which reduces the sales cycle and enables enterprise field sales reps to be more effective in their close rates. The need for inside sales is driven by today’s social, mobile and Internet savvy buyer who is more comfortable with online interactions. Team efficiency is supported by the availability of a growing number of sales enablement and inbound marketing tools.

46% of high-growth tech companies are growing via inside sales.   [Source: Harvard Business Review]

Oinkodomeo will help you develop your Inside Sales Team into a quota crushing powerhouse.

  • Develop a team strategy and plan
  • Work with our partner Premierehire to recruit and hire the right team for your company, culture and goals
  • Assist in developing compensation plans
  • Design SLAs between sales and marketing; identify handoff points with marketing, sales, and customer success
  • Develop sales enablement tools such as playbooks, messaging guidelines, call scripts, email scripts, demo scripts objection handling
  • Develop customer facing sales content such as case studies, success stories and sales decks
  • Train in Social Selling techniques using LinkedIn and Twitter to connect with senior decision makers via LinkedIn during the buyer’s decision process
  • Train in sales methodologies
  • Advise and support acquisition, implementation, and training on sales technology including CRM, email automation, sales enablement, and social selling tools
  • Act as interim or fractional inside sales leadership to provide coaching and mentoring

This increases revenue through improving the sales acceptance of Sales Qualified Leads (SQL) by field reps, reducing incidence of blind RFPs, dramatically shortening sales, and lowering cost of sales.

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