Building an Inside Sales Team with Oinkodomeo and Premierehire

We have partnered with Premierehire to help companies who are thinking about building an Inside Sales team in order to drive revenue. We’ll help you figure out where to start and design the right customer-focused processes for your company. Our services have been developed to ensure that your team is properly trained and armed with the right tools to get to revenue quickly.

“The Sales Development Team is the most important sales process innovation in the last 10 years.” – David Cummings, former CEO of Pardot

Inside Sales, or Sales Development, brings together aspects of both Sales and Marketing. The new SDR qualifies prospects through engaged, targeted discovery and converts them into qualified leads which improves the efficiency of your sales funnel and enables enterprise sales reps to be more effective in their close rates.

Building an Inside Sales Team – Getting it Right

Hiring and retaining top SDR talent is a critical component of building out your team. In San Diego, competition for good talent is fierce, so why go it alone?  Premierhire will recruit and hire the right talent for your needs. And Oinkodomeo will help ensure you retain them.

We’ll will help you develop your Inside Sales team into a quota crushing powerhouse:

  • Develop a team strategy and plan
  • Assist in developing compensation plans
  • Design team SLAs, handoff points and qualification criteria with marketing, sales, and customer success
  • Develop sales enablement tools such as playbooks, messaging guidelines, call cadence and scripts, email scripts, demo scripts, and objection handling techniques
  • Develop customer facing sales content such as case studies, success stories and sales decks
  • Advise and support selection, implementation, and training on sales technology including CRM, email automation, sales enablement, and social selling tools
  • Train in sales methodologies
  • Train in Social Selling techniques using LinkedIn and Twitter to connect with senior decision makers via LinkedIn during the buyer’s decision process
  • We can even provide sales leadership for your new team with our fractional inside sales management services

This increases revenue through improving the sales acceptance of Sales Qualified Leads (SQL) by field reps, reducing incidence of blind RFPs, dramatically reducing the length of the sales cycle, and lowering cost of sales.

We’ll grow with your team. Engagements run from 90 days to one year depending on scope and team size.

Member, AA-ISP ( The AA-ISP mission is to help Inside Sales Representatives and Leaders to leverage association information and resources through published content, local community chapters, national conferences, career development, and an Inside Sales Accreditation program.

Visit the Chapter page or join the AA-ISP LinkedIn Group for information about local chapter events.

If you are ready to sell differently and ramp up your revenues by building an inside sales team use the form below to contact us immediately.

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