Fractional Inside Sales Manager

Let Oinkodomeo be your interim or fractional inside sales manager to develop, coach and grow your B2B Inside Sales team into a quota crushing powerhouse. Experienced in inside sales team development, our experts will dedicate time both virtually and onsite one-on-one each week keeping your team of one to five reps on track and hitting their numbers.

Many growing companies starting out with a new inside sales effort find that they don’t have the budget for a dedicated inside sales manager. Yet having your fledgling team report directly to the CEO, VP of Marketing, or even the VP of Sales doesn’t give them the time and attention needed to provide the indepth personalized coaching needed to develop best practices for success. And left on their own, even an experienced inside sales rep will quickly lose focus, miss targets, and potentially become frustrated and leave.

Set Up

  • Develop a team plan
  • Assist in developing compensation plans
  • Set targets
  • Design team SLAs, handoff points with marketing, sales, customer success
  • Develop the weekly cadence with call and email scripts
  • Professional LinkedIn Profile
  • Customize your CRM for ISR reporting


  • One-on-one coaching
  • Best practices reinforcement
  • Activity Reporting in your CRM
  • Sales Pipeline Reporting in your CRM

Monthly / Quarterly

  • Attend Sales and Marketing team meetings
  • QBR
  • Identify / mentor potential supervisor candidates

We have partnered with Premierehire to help companies put in place and grow successful B2B Inside Sales teams. We’ll help you figure out where to start and design the right processes for your company. Our services have been developed to ensure that your team is properly trained, coached and armed with the right processes and tools for success.

Ideal for teams from one to five reps. Fractional Inside Sales Manager engagements run from 6 to 18 months depending on scope and needs.