Oinkodomeo: What is that word?

What is in a name?  We like to think ours tells an important story. When I meet people, typically the first thing they ask is, what does that….mean…. and how do you say it?

Here is the story of Oinkodomeo:  Pronounced, oyn-kod-om-eh’-o, it is a portmanteau of “oink” and “oikodomeo”. The latter is from the Greek lexicon, to build a foundation, or to rebuild, renew or augment.

Sales and marketing teams are not aligned. They lack agreement over direction. They don’t agree on the definition of a lead or who the real target buyer is. They’ve missed the fact that the buyer has changed and today is much more mobile and social, even in B2B. Our goal is to build or renew that connection between sales and marketing, then put in place a foundation of processes, best practices, and infrastructure that enables reaching the right buyer and converting them into lifelong customers.

We added the “n” for the “oink” as a wink and a nod to the many folks who have said, “sales and marketing will get along when pigs fly.”

Feel free to call us “oink” for short.