Permission Marketing Becomes Inbound Marketing

Seth Godin called it “permission marketing”. Today it has been named “inbound marketing” by HubSpot. It means earning the attention of the prospect rather than buying it. Telling compelling stories and having a conversation through social media and educational content are the key drivers in:

  1. Attracting traffic
  2. Converting visitors to leads
  3. Converting leads to sales
  4. Turning customers into raving fans and repeat customers
  5. Analysis, measurement and continuous improvement

HubSpot just released it’s 2013 State of Inbound Marketing Annual Report. In their survey of 3,339 marketing professionals they saw a definite increase in inbound marketing and a decrease traditional marketing like direct mail and advertising. Further reinforcing our beliefs at Oinkodomeo, they also found that it’s not about marketing as a silo. Establishing an agreement with Sales is as important  as simply measuring the effectiveness of inbound. It’s worth a read.