LinkedIn and Social Selling Workshops

Cold calling isn’t dead, but it can be a whole lot more productive when paired with proper social selling that’s tailored to your sales process.

Our custom full-day or half-day Social Selling workshops help you align your sales and marketing social strategies to drive sales performance.

According to the  CSO Insights 2016 Sales Enablement Optimization Study, only 20.7% of the global study participants reported having their social selling strategies aligned with marketing’s social strategies. CSO Insights found that:

The primary benefit of using social selling tools is, as all our study participants reported, reduced account/contact research time (38.8%), followed by “not sure” (37.2%). Additional benefits are an increased number of leads (33.2%), deeper relationships with clients (30.6%), improved lead conversion rates (24.0%), shorter sell cycles (14.1%) and improved win rates for forecast deals (13.5%).

Learn more about our Social Selling workshops to help your sales team use social media tools LinkedIn and Twitter to improve productivity, and more efficiently drive deals through their pipeline.

Hands-on Workshop-Use LinkedIn and Twitter for Increasing Leads