Oinkodomeo Adds Hubspot Design to MarTech Capabilities

Oinkodomeo, LLC is proud to announce that our Chief Marketing Technologist Steve Glass is now Hubspot Certified for Design. Earning the Design certificate requires strong knowledge of HTML/CSS, a comprehensive multi-part course of instruction, an exam and a thorough practicum where the applicant is rated on his/her skill at designing templates and pages within the Hubspot Content Optimization System (COS).

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Certified Designers are qualified to build content-level templates for Hubspot’s own in-house Content Management System, which supports the production of complete commercial websites hosted by Hubspot and fully integrated with the Hubspot COS. This means effortless integration between Call to Action forms and the HubSpot Marketing Automation system, and the smooth application of critical keyword phrases into generated content. Additionally, Hubspot offers Smart Content, where identified Visitors can view content developed specifically to serve their needs.

Hubspot is unique in the full range of SaaS products the company offers to support the inbound marketing process. With the recent integration of a proprietary Content Management System (CMS), Hubspot is now a “One seat, one license” solution for small to mid-size businesses concerned about the number of platforms they support for Marketing and Sales.

The Hubspot Design certificate expands Oinkodomeo’s MarTech capabilities that include WordPress, Salesforce.com, Zoho, KiteDesk, Socedo, RocketBolt, rFactr, Qvidian, and more.