Sales and Marketing Capabilities

Oinkodomeo is a sales and marketing agency. What we’ve learned in 25 years of working with sales, marketing and IT teams in B2B technology and services firms is that:

  • Social and mobile has changed the buying process for everything from jeans to million dollar software systems
  • Traditional sales methods are no longer as effective as they once were
  • Sales and marketing need to be better aligned around the buyer’s journey

At Oinkodomeo, the key to our approach is a buyer-focused Sales 2.0 strategy formed jointly around sales and marketing that leverages new thinking and methodologies applied to your people, process and technology. The new always-connected, knowledge-rich social and mobile world means your buyers are better prepared than your sales team is.

Our capabilities include:

Buyer-focused Sales Methodologies

  • Sales and Marketing Alignment: Conduct process mapping sessions with Sales and Marketing teams to ensure conversion at each stage of the buyer’s journey in order to improve the sales funnel and reduce time to close
  • Inside Sales Development: Design, recruitment, onboarding, training and best practices for enterprise sales development
  • Sales Enablement Content: Playbooks, messaging guidelines, portfolio guides, checklists, guided selling scripts, account plans or proposal templates, win/loss analyses, and battle cards, as well as pricing, value calculation (ROI/TCO, customer value) and configuration tools
  • Sales Process Improvement: Sales stage analysis & development using buyer-centric methods
  • Content Marketing: Customer facing content including educational materials that create value for the buyer including collateral, case studies, sales slide decks
  • Inbound and Outbound Sales and Marketing: Communications plan development, lead generation, targeted campaigns, email, webinars, seminars, direct mail, and e-newsletters
  • Social Selling: Social Media training and content curation skills for B2B sales including blogs, Twitter, LinkedIn, LinkedIn Sales Navigator, LinkedIn Pulse, LinkedIn Groups, LinkedIn Company Pages
  • Message Mapping Workshop: Conduct message mapping with Sales, Marketing, Product and Executive teams to identify buyer personas

MarTech: IT for Sales and Marketing

  • Website Planning and Development: Best practices for B2B WordPress sites – mobile-friendly and mobile responsive design, visitor experience UX, content optimization, e-commerce, blog integration
  • CRM and Marketing Automation: Experience with, Zoho, Eloqua and other platforms for small and medium size businesses. Hubspot Inbound Marketing Certification.
  • Technology for Sales and Marketing: Up-to-date knowledge of the latest marketing technology, sales enablement and content automation solutions
  • Requirements: RFP development and project management

Media & Analyst Relations

  • Analyst Relations: Best practices analyst support for Gartner, Forrester, Aberdeen and other major industry analysts
  • PR Launches: Product announcements, media releases, pitches, book development and promotion, media prep & coaching
  • Awards and Recognition: Clients recognized in INC 500, Frost & Sullivan Best Practices, EY Entrepreneur of the Year, A.M. Best E-Fusion Award, Most Innovative Product, Qualcomm Tribute to Innovators


  • Brand Awareness: Campaign design to improve brand awareness among target decision makers
  • Brand Templates and Guides:  Complete brand design capabilities including color, font, and imagery. Includes print and digital templates and style guides.

Event Management

  • Online and Offline Events: Web seminars, tradeshows, user meetings, advisory councils, Google Hangouts On Air, and full scale conferences

What is that Word?

The first thing we get asked when people see our business card is, “what is that word?”  So it seems fitting to begin with the origin of our name, Oinkodomeo. Pronounced, oyn-kod-om-eh’-o, it is a portmanteau of “oink” and “oikodomeo”. The latter is from the Greek lexicon, to build a foundation, or to rebuild, renew or augment.

What we find is that most sales and marketing teams don’t connect in a meaningful way. They lack agreement over direction. Our goal is to build or renew that connection, then put in place a foundation of processes and infrastructure that enables reaching the right prospects and converting them into customers.

We added the “n” for the “oink” as a wink and a nod to the many folks who have said, “sales and marketing will get along when pigs fly.” We hear the sound of those wings.