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Client: Insight for Data


Client was launching a new business and wanted a responsive website that would drive traffic, was easy for her to maintain and reflected the brand image she desired.  


  • A SEO specialist had been hired by the client to do both SEO and website development but the site was a template that could not be customized to suit the client’s brand. In addition, the vendor wanted to maintain the site rather than hand it over for the client to maintain.
  • The SEO content being created did not adequately describe the technical service offering and its value to the client.
  • The client was frustrated with the website and the content.


  • The client hired Oinkodomeo to replace the SEO specialist and to develop her a branded, responsive WordPress site that she could easily maintain. We developed appropriate key-word rich content, case studies, whitepapers, and an initial collection of blog articles. We trained the whole team on Social Selling using LinkedIn so they could develop thought leadership.
    • Branding
    • Web development
    • Mobile responsive WordPress site
    • Blog content
    • Case studies
    • SEO copywriting
    • Social Selling training


The team has been able to easily maintain the site on their own, making changes to pages and adding posts whenever they wanted.

Mobile Responsive WordPress Website Development