You Need Social Selling

Your prospects are socializing their issues and needs on LinkedIn and Twitter – right at this very minute. And that means if you aren’t engaged, then your competitors are becoming trusted advisers and the go-to people for YOUR prospects. Once that relationship is built, who do you think those clients are going to buy from, long before you find out about the deal?


Your team can be social selling ROCKSTARS!

We Can Help

Fast-paced hard-hitting social selling workshops, full or half-day, scheduled or on-site. Contact us for a program that meets your needs and start Selling with Social. Our information is always fresh and up to date. Can include follow-up drills and individual coaching after the instruction. You will learn social!

Oinkodomeo provides sales consulting and sales enablement process improvement, training and coaching built on a foundation of sales and marketing alignment. We work with and evaluate emerging sales enablement tools and content management solutions.


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