Sales Enablement

We provide sales enablement services that include the training, content development and tool creation that will help your sales team reach peak performance.

  • Customer Facing Content: case stories, references, sales decks, fact sheets, value justification and calculation tools, and persona-focused content, tailored for the different phases of the buyer’s journey and buyer roles
  • Sales Enablement Content: playbooks, messaging guidelines, portfolio guides, checklists, guided selling scripts, account plans or proposal templates, win/loss analyses, and battle cards
  • Pricing Tools: pricing and ROI calculators to support informed conversations with prospects and customers

Our Posts on Sales Enablement

  • Changes Ahead! Tips for creating your 2019 B2B Marketing Budget (9/25/2018) - I thought updating my annual B2B marketing budget blog would be a snap.  Just update a few data points and done! What I have realized is that marketing is in upheaval and budget planning for 2019 will take some thought.  While Gartner is predicting contraction in marketing budgets, looking more closely, I see the situation […]
  • Why is Sales and Marketing Alignment Important for B2B Business? (9/8/2018) - When B2B companies are looking to boost revenue, they need to look not just to sales (more deals!) OR to marketing (more leads!), but sales and marketing alignment.  When numbers are not being hit, it’s seldom rooted in one or the other, but stems from a lack of holistic alignment between them. In other words, […]
  • Why Sales Enablement Needs to be a Priority (10/19/2017) - If you have more than 30 sales reps and plan to add inside sales or grow your team in the next 12 months, you need to be thinking about building out sales enablement services. If you have more than 300 reps, your ROI for implementing a formal Sales Enablement Function this year will start to […]
  • What is Intent Data? (10/9/2017) - Intent Data is a term you will be hearing more about if you in B2B sales or marketing.  There are two types of Intent Data, internal and external.  Internal is the information we collect about buyers on our own online web sites such as what pages they read, what blogs they looked at, what content […]
  • San Diego Sales Enablement AA-ISP Panel Recap (9/16/2017) - Recently I had the honor and privilege to moderate a panel of San Diego Sales Enablement experts. Sales Enablement is a growing topic of discussion as companies look for ways to increase revenue or make sales more effective without adding headcount.  However, it’s still a very new topic and most companies are at the ad […]
  • Invest in the Bigger Jackhammer (8/27/2017) - I listened to the sound of a small jackhammer for the better part of this past week. Each day, I’d look out, and think, “Today, they must be done! The sidewalk isn’t that big!” And then another day I’d listen to the sound of a small jackhammer grinding away at the sidewalk for another 8 […]
  • AA-ISP San Diego Chapter: How Sales Enablement is Transforming the Way Companies Engage with their Customers (8/6/2017) - Thinking about whether it’s time for Sales Enablement in your company? Don’t miss the September 14 AA-ISP San Diego meeting! Sales enablement is a fast-growing discipline: In 2013 19% of CSO Insights study participants reported having an enablement initiative or function. In 2016, 34% reported having an enablement initiative or function. Join our panel of […]
  • Dear Marketing, Here is why what you are doing isn’t Account-Based Marketing (3/19/2017) - It seems like everyone is talking about Account-Based Marketing (ABM) these days. But what’s the big deal?  Personalizing messages targeted to key prospects isn’t really new. Early versions of Account-Based Marketing started back in the 90’s as one-to-one, or personalized marketing, with the rise of online marketing and analytics that allowed marketers to have a […]
  • Before you launch Sales Enablement here is what you need to do (1/20/2017) - Forrester launched their Wave™ for Sales Enablement Automation Systems, so it’s time to add one to the essential sales toolkit, right and launch sales enablement in your company? Before you embark on a selection from among these nine vendors (or any others), let’s think about what we have learned from similar experiences in sales and marketing […]
  • 2017 Sales Kickoff Meeting—How to Make Yours Have Impact (11/30/2016) - If you are like many Sales Leaders, this is the time of year when you turn your attention to the annual sales kickoff meeting. You picked a date, lined up an offsite meeting space with great food, planned a team-building activity and had travel booked for everyone. All set! Right? Not so fast. Don’t let […]
  • 3 Ways IoT will Change the Buying Process (10/2/2016) - The Internet of Things is changing business.  While most of the time we talk about the impact on manufacturing, logistics, and operations, what we need to realize is that IoT will have a major effect on sales and marketing processes, too. In a transparent, real-time, interconnected world, everything about business will be transformed as information […]
  • Converting from Legacy to Selling Managed Services—Did FireEye Ignore Sales/Marketing Change Management? (8/14/2016) - Last week cybersecurity leader FireEye released long-anticipated results that fell below market expectations. The market reacted quickly as Fireeye’s stock value fell another 15%, trading in the $15—$18 range (at one time during 2014 the stock traded as high as $80). The company announced layoffs of up to 400 employees as part of a restructuring. […]
  • What is the ideal lead response time? (3/17/2016) - What is the lead response time goal for your company for web-generated leads? 1 day? 1 hour? 21 seconds? First, let’s start with the definition of LEAD.  If it’s transactional, then jump on that phone right this second. Someone calling to get mortgage or insurance rates. Or a loan. CALL NOW. Someone completed a demo […]
  • What is Sales Enablement and why do you need it for your B2B Sales Team? (12/31/2015) - Buying is changing.  To address the needs of the new buyer, your B2B Sales Team needs new ways of selling that are supported by appropriate processes, training and tools. One of those things you may have been hearing about is sales enablement.  But what is it and how can it help? Sales enablement has been growing […]
  • Guide to Building an Inside Sales Team (12/5/2015) - Sales is changing forever because the buyer has changed.  Buyers are more informed and more comfortable with digital engagement as they do more research and buy more products online, and this has extended to their business lives as well. What this means for sales is that there is a new inside sales role emerging that […]
  • Cold Calling Lists is a Waste of Time (12/5/2015) - An Account-focused Approach Cold calling a purchased list of contacts should no longer be the focus of your sales strategy. Yet it’s amazing how often I get asked, “Isn’t there a list I can buy?” Reps calling cold lists with a canned pitch will have very low rates of success.  Even if you pair that […]
  • Oinkodomeo Adds Hubspot Design to MarTech Capabilities (8/25/2015) - Oinkodomeo, LLC is proud to announce that our Chief Marketing Technologist Steve Glass is now Hubspot Certified for Design. Earning the Design certificate requires strong knowledge of HTML/CSS, a comprehensive multi-part course of instruction, an exam and a thorough practicum where the applicant is rated on his/her skill at designing templates and pages within the […]
  • Using Twitter for B2B Sales: Plans for Newbies (4/26/2015) - This week’s post is by guest blogger, Jen Greene.  Before rushing off to sign up for Twitter and add it to your social selling journey, there’s definitely some key things you’ll want to do before spending a ton of time tweeting.  Twitter can really become a deep time sink, sucking up hours of time and […]
  • Social Media Remakes the Sales Funnel (2/20/2015) - Over 5 years ago, the McKinsey group blew up the traditional sales funnel. Pointing to recent innovations in social communication tools and other resource sharing assets (many of which have grown much more prominent since McKinsey wrote their report) McKinsey posed the concept of a Consumer Decision Journey which was a cycle, not a funnel, […]
  • Seven Signs That the CEO Waits Too Long (11/10/2014) - Today I was enlightened by an article from Neil Senturia, author of “I’m There for You Baby”, an excellent set of examples and rules for doing business based on his experience. His most recent work is entitled “Lament of the CEO: I Waited Too Long”. Neil is an experienced CEO turned Investor, and a purveyor […]
  • Lead Nurturing: How to Make Your Sales Team Love You (4/7/2014) - In Marketo’s recent survey, “State of Marketing Automation Trends”, we see that 91% of respondents were evaluating marketing automation for the first time and their top reason was to “nurture leads”. But what the heck is lead nurturing and why does anyone need it? Have you ever experienced this scenario as a marketer? You came […]
  • Selling Business Value Doesn’t Lead to Purchase (11/10/2013) - To those who know me and Oinkodomeo, they must be reading this and thinking that my brain baked a little too long in the sunshine, since I am adamant about teaching how to sell business value. Actually, this is a problem we do see, even by our clients who have done a great job converting […]
  • Permission Marketers or Data Collectors? (9/30/2013) - Recently I attended a marketing seminar run by a Director from a well-known marketing automation company. During his speech, he asked how many of us had read Seth Godin’s book “Permission Marketing” (check out Seth at I was surprised that I was the only one to raise a hand in a room full of […]
  • Permission Marketing Becomes Inbound Marketing (4/26/2013) - Seth Godin called it “permission marketing”. Today it has been named “inbound marketing” by HubSpot. It means earning the attention of the prospect rather than buying it. Telling compelling stories and having a conversation through social media and educational content are the key drivers in: Attracting traffic Converting visitors to leads Converting leads to sales Turning […]