MarTech Projects

We have experience with a variety of top CRM platforms including In this case, the Client had already purchased seats in a competing, lower cost CRM platform, as well as a license for that vendor’s “integrated” marketing automation platform. Onboarding from the vendor had been minimal, and the two platforms were not integrated or able to produce trackable campaigns initially.

We imported lead lists into the CRM and worked directly with Vendor Support to establish synch and field mapping between CRM and automation. We developed branded html template emails and delivered a first successful campaign as a proof of functionality.

This was our first substantial opportunity to work with this CRM. At Oinkodomeo, we prefer to work with systems our Client has invested in, as opposed to the “Rip and Replace” method generally popular with digital agencies. Our investment of time and know-how produces a quicker turn to a cohesive backend system that supports the entire B2B marketing/sales operation. This was a typical Martech project for us.